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Needed to Know The Most Expensive Hotels in the US

We know I love luxury and glamour. I am always looking for the best restaurants, fines hotels and places to go. This list I have to say surprised me. Luxury watch experts Chrono24 conducted a study on the top most expensive hotels in the United States. They analyzed prices and reviews for 263 5-star hotels in the US and ranked them according to their average cost per night. Here is what they found.

A spokesperson for Chrono24 commented on the findings: “When looking for a luxurious holiday destination, the hotel choice certainly plays a crucial role. Each of the hotels in this top ten offers a truly extravagant way to spend a vacation, with access to luxury spa treatments, fancy bars and restaurants. It’s also fascinating to see how to the top ten works out geographically, with hotels in Maryland and Arizona alongside those in major tourist destinations like New York, California and Florida.”

Four Seasons Resort Orlando Dreams do come true at Orlando Disney World. With an average cost of $1,733.1 per night, Disney World’s Four Seasons is the most luxurious hotel in the US.

Skylofts at MGM Grand Known for its luxurious lifestyle, Las Vegas hosts some of the most beautiful hotels in the world. With 593 reviews and an average cost of $1,457.33 per night, Skylofts is the second most expensive hotel in the US.

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace At the very heart of Midtown East, The Towers is the third most pricey hotel in America. With an average cost per night of $1,309.09 per room, Lotte New York Palace is one of the most luxurious locations to spend a memorable night in New York.

Pendry Manhattan West

Situated in one of the most prestigious parts of NY, the Pendry Manhattan is the fourth most expensive hotel in the States. With an average price of $1048.58 per night and 208 reviews on, this is the perfect hotel to stay at for luxury travellers.

Equinox Hotel New York

Another New York hotel dominates the ranking. With an average cost of $988.63 per night and 426 customer reviews, Equinox is America’s fifth most expensive hotel.


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