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Oil Cleansing Changed My Skin

When I first head of oil cleansing, I thought there is no way I can do that. It won't feel clean. My thoughts were confirmed when I tried a few and had to literally wipe them off and cleanse again with a soapy cleansers. That was until I discovered Code of Harmony's oil cleanser. It goe on like an oil and removes ever ounce of makeup, including mascara. It washes off easily with water and no oily feeling left on my skin. Importantly it doesn't disrupt the skin barrier which is essential for keeping skin youthful and supple on its own.

The extra benefit is the CBD extract to soothe and fortify the skin as your cleanse. The formula is phyto-nutrient rich and loaded with calming plant oils from Cucumber, Kukui Nut, Watermelon, Moringa, Black Cumin, and Hemp Seed Oil. If you are going to try oil cleansing, this one is the place to start.


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