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What A Pilates Reformer Work Is Like

My cousin and I decided we wanted to try out some new workout classes. The first one we picked was a Pilates reformer class. We heard some cool things about it. I have taken a regular Pilates class before so we thought it would be fun. The studio was right in a town nearby in Madison NJ at Club Pilates which they have locations all over.

It started off really easy, since it was a basic intro class they showed us a lot of the moves that we would be doing in a regular class. Typical classes are 50 minutes this one was only about 30 minutes. We learned different moves for our legs, our arms, abs, and five different ways to move the spine. Which I found really interesting. We didn't do as many reps if we did it I can see how you would really feel it. This class felt super relaxing it didn’t feel too strenuous and overall I really enjoyed it. My body felt elongated and lean after the class, sort of like a ballerina body. I definitely would try another Pilates class I think the reformer was a cool way to do it versus just doing typical Pilates.


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