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Coconut Oil Love


A few months ago after reading endless amounts about how great coconut oil is, I thought it was time to give it a try. Denise, had started cooking with it a couple years ago, but we didnt give it much thought for other uses. As I read more about oil pulling, I grabbed a spoon and gave it a try. At first I thought how would I do this for 20 minutes before I even brushed my teeth! I closed my eyes and took a large tablespoon of it. It quickly turned to a thin water like consistancy. I felt like a little mini pina colada was happening in my mouth. I walked around, picked out my outfit for the day and swished. Much to my suprised I didnt mind it at all. I have since been doing it every morning for 5 months. I can say my teeth feel cleaner. I followed exactly how to do it here.

I have also been using this tub of oil now in my bathroom cabinet as an eye make up remover too. Works like a charm.



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