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21 Day Meditation with Jenny Giblin

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You can do anything for 21 days, right? Sure.

I have been loving Jenny Giblin’s three minute guided meditations every day. The meditations are short and so easy to follow, a good start for a beginner! The benefits of stilling your mind on a daily basis are endless. Through meditation you can reduce stress, increase creativity, improve memory, and increase physical and mental wellbeing. Jenny will guide you effortlessly through how to sit in easy pose to the positioning of a mudra (placement of fingers and hands) whilst explaining the meaning behind the day’s meditation.

Meditate with me and follow along with one of my favorite yoga and meditation instructors. Although, the guided meditation series began on September 22, 2014, it is not too late to begin your own journey of healing, strength building and stress-relief. By the end of the three-week challenge your mind, body and spirit will have evolved into a more calmed, centered, and productive, you.

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