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The Office Stylist


I have known The Office Stylist, Sayeh for a long time now. She has impeccible taste and can make event the tiniest office look like a dream. Her makeovers are a must see. This week she provides style tips to add bold color to your office.

Sayeh Says:

If you are ever hesitant to use a bold color in your office space, try testing the color in little doses. For example, you can incorporate the color in your office accessories. This is a great way to see if you are willing to incorporate the color on a larger scale.

1. A Bold Seating Choice - Looking to add a bold color in your space? Try incorporating the color with a large ottoman or side chair.


2. Bright Storage Containers - Every office needs a place to organize office supplies. Utilize bright colored storage containers to add character to your space.


3. Dramatic Curtains - To test out a bold color, try drapes! This is especially great if you are thinking about painting a bold accent wall in the future.


Love these tips from Sayeh!


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