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French Is Beautiful

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I took French back in High School. I will not say the year. I adored it. Although at the time in High School I was not focused on learning the intricate parts of grammar and subtle nuances. After many years of working in fashion I always found myself around French speaking people. I dreamt of speaking the language and having elegant words roll off my tongue the same way.

I spent time traveling to Paris and the South of France hoping to pick up the language while on vacation and for work. I always seemed to return home with only the basics like "Bonjour, Merci, and Je ne sais pas." I search for online classes since my work schedule doesn't allow for much class time. I just never seemed to find the right one, until recently.

I was on instagram and discovered a pretty french speaking girl Carrie Anne James. Much to my absolute delight in her bio was a link to High School Deja vu. I clicked and there they were online French language classes complete with grammar lessons, French movies and private coaching. The universe was certainly working with me on this one. It could not have fallen into my lap any more perfectly.

Carrie Anne took the time to skype with me to explain the different class options. My excitement grew as we spoke. I was ready to book the next flight to Paris. Happy to say I am all signed up to start the new year off with 3 months of beautiful french lessons. Hopefully you will read all about my trip to see Paris in the springtime.


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