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My Acupuncture Cure

I recently started acupuncture for a few different things in my life. As I did some research around it I read so many wonderful reasons to start. Living a healthy more natural lifestyle has become essential to me. To jump right in to one of the main reason for starting acupuncture is related to PMS.

I have lived with monthly cramps and discomfort since I was 13. As I got older around 20 the first solution was the pill, I was extremely hesitant but gave it a try. After 6 months I wanted off, it was horrible from the side effects to the idea of putting chemicals in my body. Then I decided to go the tylenol/motrin route, which made the cramps and bloating a slightly less intense but still very uncomfortable. A friend told me to try motrin I did and it gave practically instant relief.

Yet, over the years as I stated to pay more attention to my body I started to rethink taking motrin even if it was for 1-2 days a month. I needed an alternative. I also was told at a routine visit to check for fibroids. They found a very small one and insisted on a "simple" surgery to remove it. i needed a better way.

I first started taking maca root and flax seed which are both know to help with discomfort during cycles. Then I started to search more and found TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I had to give it a try. It has been about 5 months of regular acupuncture visits and special herbs my amazing acupuncturist Punita gave me. I was a bit concerned about laying down face up for 45 minutes full of needles but it was worth the try.

This lead into another reason for starting TCM. I had slight anxiety during certain situations in my life, little things like traffic would get me all worked up. It was always strange since I would find myself on live TV completely at ease but get in the car and feel overwhelmed with anxiety. Not a good feeling. As I spoke to my acupuncture about this she said that would be easy to fix relatively quickly. I have to say after about 2 weeks of the herbs Xiao Yao San, I started to notice a calm come over me while having acupuncture. I noticed pretty fast that when I was in traffic I didn't have the same heightened emotions.

As for the monthly cramps we are still working on them but over the past few months are much better. No sign of the fibroid either. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and excited for the progress. Would love to hear your stories, leave us a comment.

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