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Lemon Inspiration

If you happen to know me well, it is no secret how much I love lemons. Coming back from a trip to Sorrento, Italy, where the they have lemons the size of grapefruits I was inspired to have even more in my life. I found Yardley London has Lemon Verbena bar soap that smells absolutely divine. It wakes you right up and keeps skin extra moisturized.

After stepping out ouf the shower smelling like delicious lemons I like to have warm lemon water in the morning to cleans and invigorate the system. At the end of a warm Summer day what is more thirst quenching than the perfect lemonade. Here is a simple recipe, and if you are really feeling like a little fun add a spash of Vodka :)

5-6 fresh lemons

4 cups water

Vodka if desired

Ice cubes

Combine ingredients in the pitcher and serve


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