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7 Sexy Tips To Spice Up Valentine’s Day

We are so excited to have Dr. Nikki Goldstein ,who is a Sexologist, Relationship Expert and author of #SingleButDating to give us her tips on how to spice up your Valentine's Day.

1. Don't feel like you have to be stereotypical valentine’s day mushy. People tend to feel the pressure to be romantic on Feb the 14th and as though there is some romantic mold they have to fit into, but what means more is instead knowing your partner and what type of your relationships you have. It's important to do something or choose a gift that reflects them not one that is advertised on TV.

2. When you are looking at something to do or a present to give try something that shows you have put thought into it. A heart card and a box of chocolates screams I didn't have time to think about you too much but a gift that might be something your partner has wanted, needs or that they will actually like shows your intent to them and the relationship.

3. Try one things new in the bedroom. Maybe there is something you have both always wanted to try or have been thinking about. Valentine’s Day is a great day to explore fantasies but make sure you have discussed it first and know what fantasy to explore.

4. Try a new activity out of the bedroom. Just like we can get stuck in a sexual rut we can also suffer from sexual boredom in other areas of our lives too. Instead of a romantic candle lit dinner maybe there is something that you and your partner have always wanted to try or somewhere you have always wanted to go. Having excitement outside of the bedroom can help the excitement inside the bedroom.

5. Dressing up or wearing something sexy. Sometimes lingerie is given as a gift but instead of presenting with the idea of what will be worn later or coming out of the bathroom all decked out, why not incorporate modern technology. Take a photo of you wearing your valentines gift and send it to him either at dinner or on his way home so he has time to think about what it to come next.

6. Trying a new sex toy. This is the one night of the year that it is more than appropriate to be giving these vibrating friends as gifts. Why not try something new that is run by a remote to be a little modern and different. Choose something you can wear during dinner with him having the remote in his pocket. Why not start foreplay early.

7. Give an erotic massage as a present. No time to go shopping? The gift is in your hands. Lay your partner down, light some candles and help him to relax. Often in our busy schedules touch is something we can be deprived of and has great powers when it comes to intimacy, connection and overall feeling good. But make sure that your touch covers all areas of the body.


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