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Enjoying A Little Tennis at the US Open

I don't watch many sports. I like a good baseball or soccer game every once and a while, but I must admit I get distracted quickly. Tennis is more my thing. After attending the US Open a few years ago, it sparkled an interest in me. I have been going ever since.

The atmosphere at Arthur Ashe Stadium is much different compared to other sports arenas. I of course don't love the drive to get there but once inside it is lovely. Dare I say the Moet champagne stand always gets me. The food options are a touch more upscale than the typical hot dogs and chicken fingers at games ( I will not go near them). Midway through watching the matches, this time. I found a Dean and Deluca to get a soft salted chocolate chip cookies. What is better than watching Nadal play effortlessly while indulging a bit.

I don't usually know until a few days before who we will actually see play. This time we were able to see Coco win here match. Then see Nadal play and win a spectacular game against Rublev. It was a little chillier than usually, I wore cute linen shorts in anticipation of the warmer temps that never arrives. You can peep the whole outfit complete with the sweatshirt I had to buy here on my insta.


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