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Fragrance Etiquette

Know where you are going, party, work, outdoors, indoors. A stronger scent should be reserved for parties, while for work it should be mild. I suggest using an essential oil for work settings or indoors since the scent stays on the body but close so everyone doesn't have to breathe it in.

Don't over do it. The best way is to spritz over your head and let it set lightly over you. Stick to the 2 spray rule.

Skip it if you will be swimming, on the beach, camping or traveling on airplanes.

Don't try to cover up another scent. This never works they just combine and make for an obvious cover up.

The Scents to Wear

Saor Perfume - $65

Snap Perfume - The Collection Eau de Toilette Pocket Fragrance For Men and Women $14.99 available for scent consultations Cathy Caldwell

This Works Energy Bank Breathe In Roller Ball - with Geranium, Bergamot and Rosemary for pulse points $33

Baxter Cleansing Bar $17 and Deodorant in Citrus Herbal Musk $19

Rituals - The Rituals of Sakura - Body Mist Cherry Blossom $25 Rituals

Aveda Chakra Body Mist $30

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