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Fanny Packs Are Back, You Need One

There back and we talked all about the on The Fashion Spot!

We’re about to blow your mind: Fanny packs don’t count as carry-ons or personal items when traveling. Meaning, whether you’re a fan of this trend or not, it has serious practical value.

“Belt bags, aka fanny packs, aren’t just for awkward tourists or your grandparents anymore,” says fashion stylist Kim Dunn. “You don’t have to embrace the trend, but you will have to wait it out … possibly for a very long time.”

Their staying power is so longstanding that people have started to wear them in ways other than explicitly instructed in their very name. Dunn points to the trend of wearing them as a crossbody accessory to demonstrate how pervasive fanny packs have become in fashion culture.

“There is a sense of style attached to these small pouches with straps. Gucci single-handedly blew up Instagram with their version [and Sex and the City way back when!],” says Dunn. While not everyone will invest in a fanny pack emblazoned with a Prada or Gucci logo, Dunn says that the fanny pack is versatile.

“They come in many shapes, sizes, prices and functionalities — know what you’re planning to put into the little bag of fun and purchase accordingly,” she notes. That’s all well and good, but what does one wear with a fanny pack? Fashion expert Dawn Del Russo says that belt bags look amazing styled with high-waisted skinny jeans or with an oversized sweater to cinch the waist. “If styled appropriately, you can even wear a fanny pack to the office or for a night out,” says Del Russo. “At the office, I would choose a more sleek, streamlined style in simple leather; for night, go with embellishment or a chain belt.”

Feeling inspired? Or at least interested in adding secret luggage space to your airport ensemble? Check out our slideshow for some on-trend options.See more here.

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