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Know Your Monetary Value

I was reading an article on Harpers Bazaar which was written a while back in 2016 but is exceptionally relevant. It is titled "How a Life Coach Taught Me to Take Control of My Worth." I have been in business for over 15 years. I have spent a good amount of it undervaluing myself when it came to my rates. Even the idea of "knowing my worth" seemed greedy.

I gave so much away for free including tons of time. I started to become frustrated with myself and then with others. I would say, "how could they not see the value here and the time I am spending?" Then I realized, if I didn't see the true value in myself how could they. Seeing this didn't come easy and I would say it is continuously something I strive to be better at.

In the article, writer, Megan O'Brien gives 5 useful tips from her life coach that are a great place to start to determine your monetary value. Including my favorite, tip number 4, do your home work, take inventory of your expenses, create a budget, and most important write affirmations and self-acknowledgements. I personally have implemented these steps among others to generate my own monetary value. Read more tips here.

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