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Have You Heard of Ice Rolling ?

Emma Leger

Ice ice baby! Maybe Vanilla Ice inspired this beauty trick, maybe not. Regardless, let’s talk about Ice Rolling and all of the benefits it holds for you!

To start off, ice rolling literally stimulates your lymphatic system! Your lymphatic system is in charge of ‘fluid maintenance’. Basically, this system manages your body’s excess and functional liquids, an integral part of your immune system. As a result of this sort of ‘sewage maintenance’ system, the lymphatic system is crucial to maintaining skin vibrance and texture. Hence, lymphatic massages help facilitate blood and fluid flow throughout your body.

Using an ice roller serves as a mini-lymphatic massage, reducing swelling and detoxifying your body. Not only does it facilitate improvement of these functions naturally, but it’s super easy!

All in all, the benefits of ice rolling are yours to reap! For a natural and easy way to increase immunity, detoxify the body, reduce swelling, and improve skin texture, definitely try ice rolling. Speaking from experience, you most definitely will not regret it.

By Kareena Khubchandani


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