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Wheat Boutique is a New Shopping Destination

If there is a new place to shop I want to know all about it. Starting with the story behind Wheat Boutique. While the founders were visiting Coco Chanel's home in Paris they noticed many wheat motifs. They learned that Gabrielle Chanel was born in poverty and wheat represented the opportunity to transcend her circumstances into prosperity and abundance. In a moment they knew this would be the name of their now flourishing boutique.

This cute little boutique called Wheat can be found coast to coast including just opening in Anguilla. They have pieces from brands you know and love but also their own collection Wheat 1.17. Which is a collection of pieces that are soft, comfortable fabrics ethically crafted and made in Los Angeles, CA. I love American made brands and styles that are wearable for your everyday life but can be elegantly dressed up with a stylish shoe. Time to do some shopping.


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