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Where to Go and Stay for a Quick Miami Getaway

Now is the time to book a quick getaway to Miami. I just got back from a fun weekend with friends Oriana (my favorite bracelet designer) and Gina and thought I'd share the places we went and what to do. My friend Gina had the hook ups for a few of the places so I'd say call ahead if you want to be sure to get in.

As for where to stay I'll give you my favorites that I have stayed at and briefly mention not to stay at Sagamore. I don't usually talk negatively about places but there were too many issues to not give a warning. That's all i'll say on that. One Hotel is my favorite, gorgeous all around, the perfect Miami place to stay. The W Hotel is swanky and is almost always guaranteed to be a great stay. The Betsey is more boutique style hotel downtown and has a great brunch. *Tip I always look at the brand of complementary products the hotel provides like shampoo and conditioner, to see the level of luxury.

As for exceptional places to eat, the list is endless. I could and perhaps will continue this list but here are picks for now. My first stop off the plane was Rosetta Bakery for a piece of their tomato focaccia. I grabbed it to go and crossed the street to sit on the beach and eat it. Feels like a little place in Rome. We went back the next morning for a croissant and mini pastry.

Swan in the design district is a must go for a classic pastel inspired Miami vibe. The food is delicious, I had the fried artichokes and branzino so good. After dinner the upstairs opens for a loungy, cool night out. I heard the lunch is fantastic will definitely be making a trip back for that.

Faena hotel is incredible to stay at. If not staying at least get lunch at Veranda, sip a cocktail and enjoy the views with ambient music in the background.

If you love nightlife, a party scene, music to dance while dining, Kiki's on the River is where you will find it all. Start with the "passion on the river" cocktail and try the Kiki chips. We shared the sea bass for 2 with capers and lemon and their orzo side and mushroom risotto. Don't miss Sunday, funday.

We didn't go to Baoli this time around but if you like eclectic dishes and a spicy music make a reservation to go. In the mood for a sunset and drinks try Joia beach,it's a little beach so wear cute flats like these Dior's I just picked up.

Do you want more rec's in Miami? Comment on our instagram.


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