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My Workout Routine with a Personal Trainer

I post my personal training workouts weekly on my insta stories and always get questions related to what I am doing. My trainer Andrew is seriously awesome and has truly toned everything up. I never realized the importance of having a trainer until I started working with him. It keeps you on track and accountable.

I decided to make a little compilation of some of the things he does with me weekly. I've been working with him for 3 years and he definitely knows how to transformed the body. It is a different workout every week. We don’t use too many machines and do usually 10-12 reps of everything with 4 rounds. There is always some core exercises and cardio mixed in. My sister and BFF have started training with him too. You will see a few cameo’s by them. We workout together sometimes and that is a great way to stay consistent when you don’t feel like working out. We all have those days.

I have never been a fan of cardio but he makes it fun (if that is possible) and shows me how important it is. Body fat goes down faster when cardio goes up. Once you see your body change and muscle definition, it keeps you motivated to keep going. We would love to see how you workout and what your favorite exercises are. Tag us on instagram with #LTGFit so we can see and share our progress together.

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