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How To Layer Necklaces

We love layering dainty necklaces, can not get enough of them. We wanted to speak to an expert to give us some of her tips on how to get it right. The question often comes to mind, ok now what other jewelry can I pair with them? What metal looks best, and how long do each have to be? Heather of Nashelle gave us her recommendations.

Begin by picking the metal choice you love; i.e. gold. That was easy for us. She then says, "The lengths that tend to give a nice layering affect are: 16”, 24” and 32”. 16”-Start with a small drop necklace or simple decorative chain. For example, (Our disco choker), then 24’- add a charm or medallion and finish with a 32’ chain that is a little more significant but not at all bulky our disc coin necklace, with a simple bar pendant. Finish with a couple simple thin bangles for your wrist and a statement ring on each hand. Voila!

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