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7 Awe-Inspiring Ideas to Amplify the Vibe of Living rooms

The living room is the most important place in your home. It is where you unwind, relax and socialize. This is why it should reflect your style and taste. In order to give yourself a feeling of calm, and impress your guests with style the living room ambiance is key. Here are some inspiring ideas that will make it adorable with amplify the feel good vibes.

1. De-clutter the living room

Only a clear space can deliver a clear mind. This makes de-cluttering the first step for amplifying the vibes. You must make your living room a no piling zone. You may want to have many things in the living room. But, decide if those are really necessary. This will help you prevent to make your living room a dumping ground. You may have many things like books and periodicals. Get all these organized for creating a visual pleasure. This will no doubt improve the ambiance. Additionally, you may opt for hidden storage for stashing things.

2. Colors are great to set the mood

Like the fashion world, the living room also needs colors for improvement. The colors you use in the living room can greatly influence your guests. Colors can make a living room energetic or relaxed depending on how you use them.According to color psychology, the yellow shade entails positivity and cheerfulness. It also helps inspire conversation. This makes the yellow perfect for the living room. However, when you are looking for a calm and tranquil ambiance, opt for blue. Paint the living room walls with purple for inducing an aristocratic vibe. Being a combination of blue and red, this makes the living room luxurious and sophisticated. Maybe your living room has a neutral color shade. Make a bold statement by adding colorful accessories. When dark furniture is combined with neutral walls, they take the living room to the next level.

3. Fragrances can improve the ambiance

Fragrances are the best to make a living room unique. They fill the room with their pleasant aroma and impart a different feel. Engaging your senses, they take you to a different world to enjoy great comfort. Plenty of fragrance varieties are available in the market for you to pick. Using Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, Cinnamon, and Peppermint are much effective for the living room.

Using an aroma diffuser is the most popular way of infusing the living room with fragrances. Just pour in the essential oil and plug the diffuser in. The room will be filled with the pleasant aroma. Alternatively, you may burn incense for improving the living room atmosphere. Natural beeswax candles are also great for improving the living room ambiance. They burn with a calming deep yellow glow. With their inviting aroma, they help to lift up the vibes of the living room.

4. Improve with window treatment

Your living room is the place for many functions. This is where life happens to be in its full glory. Making it elegant is perfect to improve the look and feel of the place. Being great for both aesthetics and functionality, the window treatments can amplify the vibes of a living room. Fabric draperies, in bold colors, can add depth and character to a living room. Other than embellishing the window, these can also ensure privacy. Additionally, you can also opt for blinds and shutters depending on your décor theme. When you do all these, your living room automatically lifts up to the next level.

5. Use lighting to create an amazing ambiance

Living room lighting should be so to create a feeling of intimacy. This is the first room the guests step in. As such, it must have a magical ambiance for setting the tone. There should be different lighting options for changing according to the needs. Arrange indirect diffused lights for the overall illumination of the living room. This will make the place cozy and comfortable. Also, have different kinds of lights at different levels. This will make it warm and inviting. It should be so that you can change it from a bright to a romantic ambiance with the flick of a switch.

6. Apply Feng Shui principles

These ancient Chinese principles help to improve the vibe of the living rooms. It is all about balancing the natural energies. For this, you have to let as much natural light in as possible. For best results, the living room should be either square or rectangle. If you have a cabinet, it should cling to the wall. The sofa should never the door. Better make use of the ‘Bagua’ map to derive maximum feng shui benefit.

7. Enliven with greeneries

Including greeneries can set the mood and bring in positivity in a living room. Several studies have proved, over the years, that the greeneries are great to relieve stress. They can make a place happy and enjoyable. But using live plants are really tough for their maintenance issues. This is why the artificial indoor trees for the home became the obvious alternative.

Among artificial trees, the fake indoor palm trees hold a special position. With their stately trunks and lush green fronds, they can make the living room energetic. These are available in plenty of varieties from Areca Palms, Bamboo Palms, Sago Palms and many more. The dwarf palm trees are excellent to amplify the vibes of the living room. They have passed through many evolutions. Made from high-grade raw materials they look like their live cousins in all respects. Even the most experienced eye can hardly feel the difference. Infused with UV-blocking material, the indoor palms do not fade or get discolored. Coming in fully grown from the silk tropical trees deliver instant decoration. Moreover, they do not attract insects and, therefore, deliver you a safe living room.

A cozy and comfy living room turns a house into a home. This makes the living room decoration quite challenging. All of the above ideas are affordable and can be implemented easily. Try these for your living room to make it a dream retreat for your family and friends.

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