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Just Listen to Shaman Durek on Him & Her

Denise sent me this podcast this morning from Him & Her and just said listen. I did. And now I all I will say to you is just listen to Shaman Durek.

I love the way that I am open and able to receive information.

I love when I walk into a room, I light up the room.

I love how right now I am feeling powerful energies moving through my body.

I love that I have open neuro pathways.

I love how my synapsis is firing off and my brain is at optimum level and that my meridian system is open.

I love how I am taking a deep breath and grounding into myself.

I love how easy it is to be present with myself.

I love how I am always giving unconditional love and receiving unconditional love.

I love what a genius I am.

I love how I bring light into the lives of people.

I love how lit I feel right now.

I love how I can generate power in my body.

Open your hand and say Electricity. Say increase it I'm not afraid.

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