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A New Trick To Upgrade Your Hotel Stay

Ok I found something cool. You know how when you are looking at hotels online and they show amazing rooms with great views? Then you arrive and your room is so small and looks out to the parking lot. I hate that, I am on vacation and I want to enjoy every part of it. There is finally a way to get what you want. There is a site that helps you get a hotel upgrade without the hefty cost. It is called

It is designed to act as the communicator between you and the hotel. It's free and works with you at any hotel in the world to check for an upgrade at a discounted rate. Most hotels don't openly offer upgrades at check-in because, the reception staff is not trained and it is a longer process to discuss with guest. The hotel wants to make it quick and easy. They also don't want it to sound 'sales pitchy.'

The way it works is customers log in, type where they are staying and UpgradUs gets to work. The customer can accept or decline the offer before arrival. There you go. Check it out for yourself, and tell us if they Upgrade you!

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