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Tone It Up {Bikini Series}

It’s that time of year again! I can’t believe the Bikini Series is back…ALREADY!! It only happens once a year. Some of you may know my love for my girls over at Tone It Up but for those of you who don’t…I LOVE my trainers at Tone It Up!! Karena and Katrina have been inspiring me since 2009 to eat well and exercise on a daily basis (sometimes twice a day!).

For this years challenge I am really focusing on meal prep and sticking to clean eating. It is quite a task, but definitely doable. The series is eight weeks long and the trainers give you a weekly meal plan (if you’re a member) and a daily schedule of workout routines that are are fun and beach-y themed. If you’re looking to get out of an exercise rut or just simply get in shape and want some new workout material, check out Tone It Up.

As with anything in life, if you want to change, YOU must change your actions and commit yourself to whatever it is you want to achieve. Consistency and commitment is KEY. You can follow my TIU journey on my fitness Instagram account DDR_TIU18.

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