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Cleanse and Energize Your Home with Crystals

I have become a dedicated user of crystals, especially since doing Reiki. Energy Muse was one of the first sites i visited to buy a bracelet. Wearing crystals is a practice I do everyday. The energy from them is amazing. There are also great ways to incorporate them into your living space.

Energy Muse has 5 tips to simply use crystal slices to energize and clear your home. They are simply flat pieces of high-grade crystal, but their shape makes them all the more versatile. They found that using different shapes and formations of crystals enhances the crystal properties in different ways.

1. Place a crystal slice on your third eye during meditation to improve your focus and deepen your spiritual connection.

2. Create a powerful body layout for chakra healing. Since the crystals are flat, they will stay in place & cover a larger portion of your body for optimal healing.

3. Use a group of slices to make a crystal grid. You can place other crystal and tumbled stones atop the slices to maximize the energy of your grid.

4. Stage a beautiful altar. If you have goddess or deity statues on your altar, place your offerings atop a crystal slice to energize them.

5. Display your crystal slices in your home decor. Having crystals incorporated into your decor adds a subtle boost of energy to your design!


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