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Who Makes Short Shorts

Photo Credit : Find Pretty Anywhere

Denim cut off short shorts are a thing right now, or as I see it have been a thing for ever. I have been wearing them for years. I think its just the length that has really changed. Now it is either super short or "mom style" longer lengths. I prefer the shorter variety. Although I also feel that depends on your height. Being on the under 5'2 side of things it is what works for me. If you are taller a longer style might suit you well.

The fun part is, is that it is so quick and easy to make your own pair. It is time to get a little creative. Here are some of my tips for an easy DIY to get raw edge, cut off summer shorts.

First decided the wash you would like, from a dark wash to a super light almost white. Work with a pair of denim that fit well in the hips and slightly looser in the leg. Begin by putting on the jeans and with a pencil make a small mark where you would like the jeans to be cut. Remove the denim and fold leg over to line up with the other. Cut 1 inch down from the pencil mark to give room for fraying and cuffing. After cut do a quick machine wash to distress a bit.

To make khaki cut-off I like a more refined look. Go with a slightly longer cuffed style. Start by putting on the pants that have a slim fit but not too tight. Make a slight mark with pencil where the cut off will be. Remove the pants and cut 2" below the mark. After cut iron the khaki's then create a double cuff ironing each time folded up. To make permanent cuff add a small stitch in the same color at the top of fold.

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