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Best Hair Ever in 2022

I have been on a mission to get my hair healthier in 2022. I naturally have thinner feeling hair but a lot of it. Over the years working on tv and having my hair constantly curled, straightened and styled it has gone through it. I have had better years than others and even went through a stressful time in my life where I literally saw hair falling out. Let me say that was scary and it took over 3 years to get the follicles to even start growing again.

Now it is a little past my shoulder and has not been touched with color in 10 years. I cut it very minimally. I wash my hair 2x a week. I was blow drying then curling my hair everyday plus wearing extensions some of the time but have stopped and only do this routine for special events. I have tried all the vitamins, hair oils, rice water and collagen. I do think some of these work but I was not consistent plus the amount of heat I was using on my hair probably defeated the purpose.

So in the last 2 months here is where we are at and there will be a part 2 to this. I decided to start with a no heat styling unless completely necessary routine. I purchased the most talked about collagen powder on social media Agent Nateur's Holi Mane and have been taking it everyday. I am giving it 3-6 months to see results since I know supplements usually take that amount of time in your system.

I have been using Oribe repair and restore shampoo and conditioner and absolutely love how my hair feels. So soft and silky. The oils and extracts of cypress, argan and maracuja bio-restorative complex, revitalizes and smooths the cuticle to undo the damage of styling.

If and when I am heat styling my hair I use this hair serum, heat protector from NUELE. It is and all in one hair product that deeply moisturizes and is a residue-free blend of 5 concentrated oils that detangle, restore, enrich, and protect hair throughout your day.

I have been derma rolling my scalp, this is something new that I heard has great results. When in use, the needles create “micro-injuries” in the skin and follicles, releasing growth factors to stimulate new cell production, encouraging the growth of new hair. Bondi Boost has the perfect roller trio.

I also have been using their blow drying brush and it saves me from too much heat plus gets that instant blow out look.

Castor oil is incredible for hair growth, mix that with biotin and Pura d'or HairClimax Healing Virgin Hair Masque might just be a well kept secret that's out of the bag. It gives life back to your hair and scalp.

I do a deep conditioning once a week and like Sleek'e Silk'e repair therapy conditioning mask. It has green tea to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Keratin to improve elasticity and strengthen hair, plus makes it feel smooth. Shea butter to lock in moisture. I like that it is free of parabens and is cruelty-free, vegetarian, does not contain Phthalates/BPA, DEA, or soy.

Keeping the scalp healthy is also key, this pre-shampoo deep clean scalp scrub treatment from Coco & Eve feels so good and revives the scalp, combats oil and product build up. It is caffeine-infused to strengthens hair follicles and smells like a tropical cocktail.

Finally, Eva NYC make this Mane Magic Hair Fragrance that is mood boosting so why not finish off with a pretty scent of vanilla, white musk, white flowers and plum.


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