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How I Cured Fibroids Naturally

When I first experienced fibroids and polyps I was told many things to remove them. I went to 4 doctors, did a ton of ultrasounds and tests and was told the only "cure" was surgery. I was not ready for that, I believed in natural medicine, so I was ready to give that a try. I am going to dive right in and tell you exactly what worked. I know this was what worked for me because they saw them on and ultrasound and then I went back after they passed and were no long on the ultrasound. The doctors said it was very rare and unlikely that happened. I saw it with my own eyes. After 7 years or so I had another small one. This time it was easy to remedy without the length of time it took for the first, in a couple months gone, again.

I began with acupuncture. I routinely went at least once a week for almost 9 months to an amazing woman Punita Jhangiani. Along with that my acupuncturist put me on specific herbs. The Chinese herbs were Xiao Yao San and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan. These herbs you can not get over the counter or online. They must be from a practitioner and clean ingredients. This is what worked for me. I consistently took them daily for 9 months along with the acupuncture specific to female hormones. I was also meditating daily 10-20 minutes, doing Reiki to myself and tapping. I swear by the herbs. The fibroid came out naturally and my cycle completely went back to normal. I've always had a very regular cycle and could tell by the hour when it was coming.

I learned how important it is to really understand your body and how it works. You can heal yourself naturally. It may take longer but you can. I hope sharing this can help other women not looking to get surgery to cure the fibroids naturally. Find me on Instagram and I'll answer anything.


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