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Low Cuts & Corsets - Summer Essentials

Happy almost-Summer everyone! This return of warmth is my favorite time of the year—not only because of the weather but because of the fun and lively fashion. Like the seasons, fashion is ever changing and continues to evolve every day. This summer, expect to see the return of some of your favorite older trends paired with newer and bolder styles.

Starting with dressing the lower body, not only are baggy ripped jeans in, but cargo pants also seem to be making a comeback. Plus, low-rise cuts seem to be on the rise as well—pun intended. As we said with the farewell to skinny jeans, baggier is better, and these pant trends prove no different. With embellishments–such as chains, tears, cutouts, or jewels—more decoration definitely means more style.

What’s a good pair of pants without its partner in crime: a stylish top! A top trend that is hitting stores fast and furious is the corset style. This time, though, it isn’t being dressed in Bridgerton style. Comfortable vintage at its finest, corset tops come in various styles and colors and are an easy and sexy addition to virtually any outfit. Not only is it stylish, but its versatility also makes it an investment to last you through all seasons!

Below are some of our favorite looks!

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