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My Cold Prevention and Wellness Routine with Natural Methods

I am always looking for the best ways to keep my wellness in check especially during the winter months of the year when colds creep up. I try my best to prevent but if I feel a scratchy throat or sniffly nose I am prepared. I work with an acupuncturist who also helps keep my body healthy. Her fist tip if you ever feel anything is a shot of apple cider vinegar. It seems to be a "cure for many things. I start with that but then follow this protocol most of the time.

Apple cider vinegar 1 - 2 tsp daily

Oregano capsules at onset or if I am around other that may be sick

Astragalus daily all year long this keeps the immune system strong

Bee Keepers naturals cough syrup I take this as soon as I feel anything happening. Usually every 4-6 hours

Bee Keepers B Immune throat spray I use this at onset and when y throat feels dry

Genexa Cold Crush as directed this is my go to for any type of "medicine" when I am sick or starting to feel it

Vitamin C daily all year long 1,000 milligrams

Siren Essentials Elderberry syrup I do a shot in the colder months daily

Warm lemon water all day, boil a half of lemon in 2 cups of water and sometimes add bee propolis honey and sprinkle turmeric powder

Quercetin + d3 drops this is for inflamation and I take it on a regular basis

Zinc and B12 I take daily all year long *note sugar amount

I have an extensive vitamin routine but this is my go to for the under the weather feeling times.


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