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10 Simple Ways to Stop Aging Now

I have not yet had to dive into any type of botox or filler to stop the aging process. I do see some fine lines here and there and notice a slight change in my skin texture and elasticity. I started to think about the simple ways without major surgeries to stop the aging process or at least slow it down. These are the things I have been doing since I was in my 20's and truly believe it might be the secret.

  1. Stop eating processed foods. Besides destroying the gut they contribute to many skin issues like sagging, dehydration, and discoloration.

  2. Say "thank you for my youth" every day. This is subliminal but what you tell your mind it believes and has to prove it.

  3. Sleep. It's basic and essential but rejuvenates the body and mind to keep the cells healthy.

  4. Limit alcohol intake. This is a huge "ager." Deteriorates the insides and it shows on the outside.

  5. Laugh. Scientifically, Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. Activate and relieve your stress response. Less stress = less aging.

  6. Move your body. It's like keeping a machine well-oiled. The more you move the more the muscles remember how to move as the years go on.

  7. Drink water. You are like a plant to keep your skin, hair, nails, organs, and muscles strong water is the answer.

  8. Take collagen. This is a small way to keep the production up and in turn, keep skin, hair, nails, and overall body at its best looking and feeling.

  9. Balance the body with acupuncture. It stimulates the central nervous system. This, in turn, releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These biochemical changes may stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

  10. Stop smoking. This needs no explanation besides it being an instant ager.

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