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8 Tips for Self-Care Sunday's

Self-care is the best care. This post is all about my Sunday Self-Care routine. I hope that sharing what I do every Sunday will inspire you to start a self-care routine of your own. Especially as we enter 2019. On the flip side, if you have a self-care routine I'd love to hear about it!

Self-Care Sunday Routine:

1. Sleep In. Sunday is my day to sleep. I try to get a full 8 hours every night but it doesn't always happen. So Sunday is my designated day to catch up on my zzz's. I sleep until about 9:30am, which leaves me enough time to make a cup of coffee and some toast (either avocado or peanut butter on Ezekiel brand) then head off to yoga.

2. Yoga. Every Sunday at 10:30am I go to Ride+Reflect Reflect Yoga 60 with This hour long class is heated to approx. 85 degrees and is the perfect way to end/start my week. If you don't live in NJ try the Mind Body App to locate a class near by.

3. Farmers Market. After yoga, I head to the Morristown Farmers Market. Right now, the Winter Market is happening at the Alexander Hamilton School located at 24 Mills Street. The market is from 10am-1pm every Sunday and features fresh produce, eggs, prepared foods, and more. I usually pick up a dozen eggs, some leafy greens, and soup.​

4. Cook. Once I get home from the farmers market (I try to walk there, weather permitting), I make lunch. Usually lunch consists of something I picked up from the market.

5. Clean. Is there anything better than a clean apartment? Sundays are my days for laundry and cleaning. It helps me feel accomplished and prepared for the week ahead.

6. Write. Sundays are my creative catch up days. I try to write a blog post every Sunday. One of my 2019 goals is to build up my blog and having this set time to do so will definitely help me achieve that goal. I also use Sunday's to catch up on posting and figure out what's going on in Morristown for the upcoming week.

7. Bathtime & Masktime. So REfreshed and so clean, clean. I work out a ton during the week and always have tight muscles, so Sunday's are my time to soak it all away. I use Epsom salt with lavender and soak for at least 20 minutes, usually while wearing a mud or sheet mask. Hello hydrated skin and goodbye tired muscles. PS. I've seen homemade bath bombs for sale at the Winter Farmer's Market so pick one up. #noexcuses.

8. Sleep. No explanation needed here! Just go to bed!

Hope this helps you create your own Self-Care Sunday! Any thoughts or comments please share below or DM me @ms.morristown.

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