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What is Skin Cycling ?

There is a trend happening all over Skincare TikTokThe called "skin cycling". With over 15.8M views on TikTok, #skincycling is taking over. Invented by Dr. Whitney Bowe AKA: the 3D Derm, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City and founder of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, skin cycling is a four-night regimen.

The concept is intuitive – your muscles need recovery days, your mind needs recovery days, so it makes sense that your skin also benefits from recovery!

How does skin cycling work?

  • Night 1: Exfoliation night – I opt for chemical exfoliating products over harsh physical scrubs. No gritty scrubs you can feel between your fingers. A chemical exfoliating serum can give your skin an immediate glow but also preps you to get the most out of night 2.

  • Night 2: Retinoid night – retinoids are one of the powerful ingredients to include in your skin cycling routine. However, if you try to use them too frequently, or layer them with other potentially irritating ingredients, you end up with inflammation rather than results.

    • Dr. Bowe’s Recommendation: Begin with cleansing, then apply a pea-sized amount of retinol like Differin Acne Treatment Gel ($35.99), coated with a layer of moisturizer as the final step of your nighttime routine.

  • Nights 3 and 4: Recovery nights – HOLD off on the exfoliating acids and retinoids and give your skin a chance to RECOVER. On recovery nights, you want to focus on nourishing your skin microbiome and repairing your skin barrier. Think hydration and moisture.

    • Dr. Bowe’s Recommendation: I developed Bowe Glowe™ Microbiome Nourishing Cream ($95) to work every night in your skin cycling routine, but especially for recovery nights. This clinically-proven, day & night moisturizer is formulated with squalane, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and a powerful proprietary blend of prebiotics and postbiotics.

…and repeat!


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