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Not Boring and Very Stylish At Home Workout Gear

The last 2 and half years I started my fitness journey at home. Prior to that I always had a personal trainer. Do I miss him yes, but I slowly found my way. Now that gyms are open again I have been giving it some thought to find a new trainer but so far haven't found the right one. I also love my home workouts and am so happy with my body and keeping up with my goals.

I have some favorites workouts like Pamela's Reif, Senada Greca and my friend who has the best fitness challenges Fit Like Krys (btw I will be on her weekly Konversations with Krys March 8th). I slowly added some equipment that makes sense in a small townhouse and cute outfits help to motivate on early mornings. I usually post my Monday and Thursday workouts on Instagram Stories. So I am not holding back any secrets and sharing everything I have and love including new things I am trying! If you have a favorite trainer, app or gear we want to know here.

Dara Senders Yoga in Parisian Sunset is so cute to wear and ultra soft. The pants have an interior pocket and there are no itchy tags to distract the workout.

I have a few different pairs of sneakers I switch between including APL, Nike and Adidas.

I bought this simple 10lb weight set which has gotten me through the last 2 years and I love these Bala wrist and ankle weights for extra resistance.

This is where I found the yoga mat I use. It makes me happy when I roll it out and just look at.

Water is essential and I use this Vitajuwel crystal energy water bottle for added good vibes.

If you are looking for that personal training experience, Jess Rose McDowell has created it with KINETIC SWEAT® It is Jess Rose’s goal to accelerate your body and activate your mind through movement, energy, and motion. KINETIC SWEAT has 24/7 virtual training on demand to fit your level of fitness and lifestyle needs.

My Apple watch has been a staple on my wrist to track steps daily and regular exercise. Plus a cut Spark'l band helps.

My hair is always up in a messy scrunchy but want it to stay healthy too, these velvet scrunchies from Claire's hold it in place without wreaking havoc on my hair.

“Envia” shorts from Primal are for anyone who shifted to at-home spinning, from the Peloton to the MYX bike, these “shorts are so comfortable. Designed specifically for stationary bike workouts, these shorts feature hidden padding to make the bike seat comfortable. I bike outdoors too and for longer rides these are perfection!

A go to for me is Amazon for cute sets and leggings. I found these Strawberry Nectar High Waist Leggings - With a slimming high rise waistband, great fit and come in so many cute colors.

These Arm & Hammer wipes just seem like a great thing to have on hand after working out or leaving the beach for a quick refresh. They remove dirt, sweat and other unwanted impurities from feet with a quick swipe. With Fresh Guard® Technology and Arm & Hammer™ Baking soda, these texture wipes help eliminate and neutralize foot odor.


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